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A sign with three-dimensional lettering is guaranteed to make your logo or name pop and easy to locate.

Three-dimensional lettering and shapes can be created from a wide range of materials and illuminated in a number of innovative ways for bold high impact marketing.

These are:

CHANNEL LETTER (Gold or Silver colour, Matt or Shinny finish)

Installed as exterior/interior signage on your building, channel letter signs create a high-profile identity for your business

These versatile signs are fabricated from aluminum, which prevents rusting and guarantees permanent outdoor use, durable and all weather resistant.

As an option, mode of illumination can either be:

Backlitby molding all 3 dimensions’ solid channel finish, with the LED lighting reflecting from the back, off the building and glowing behind each letter for an elegant effect.

Front lit by molding 2 dimensions with solid channel and a Plexiglas face (translucent acrylic.) Letter style or “type face” is reflective of your business’ signature style, shape, and colors. 

LED lightings are fitted inside the letter enabling the acrylic face to flash out the lighting effect.


    All 3 dimensions of the letter are fabricated using acylic/Perspex material using the colour of your choice, depending on your brand corporate colours, style and shape.

    Installed as exterior/interior signage on your building, 3D plexiglass letters are highly durable and professional in appearance, with the high gloss surface of acrylic signs reflecting a feeling of quality and success

    Letters can be lit or non-lit, with the assembling done directly on the wall or on a backing.

    Acrylic signs are lightweight and easy to mount.