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We maintains our reputation for: integrity, quality, competitive pricing, value engineering, and on-time delivery, all evidenced by our many repeat customers.
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High Quality

Competitive Pricing

Value Engineering

On-Time Delivery

Our first priority is making you look good. We produce quality signs that get noticed in the world over with numerous contracts awards and countless happy successful clients.

We specialize in using the most modern equipment and the best to produce signs that grab your attention.

A sign should tell a story

Without reading a word, it should say, this business, office, institution, practice is successful, because they know what they are doing and deliver a service that is beyond compare to that of its competition.

Quality is important, its probably the most important factor in a sign, because a cheap sign can be spotted miles away. It separates those who walk through your door and those that just keep walking.

Does this mean a quality sign is expensive, NO. A quality sign makes you money by drawing in the best customers, clients, and employees. Would you rather attract bargain hunters or quality seekers? A quality sign will last a long long time looking good as new with minimum maintenance and we have the portfolio and the satisfied customers to prove it.


Our Vision

 To give you a sign that  not only demands attention but also a sign that communicates and complements its surroundings by reflecting the quality and professionalism that you bring to your organisation.

Our Mission

To become a leader in making you look good and produce quality signs that get noticed in the world in an award winning and customer friendly environment, while maintaining high industry standards, professionalism, and affordable prices.

What we are

Z Zeal

E Efficient

L - Loyal
I Innovative

A Authentic
N – Noble

T- Trustworthy

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