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Piecing together all pieces of the materials until the final sign product is complete are our project managers.

At an early stage, a dedicated point of contact will take on a responsibility to co-ordinate all necessary components which make up every job. Throughout the progress of your project, the project manager will ensure all parties are kept informed, scope followed, instructions issued, timelines maintained and costs controlled.


WHERE, HOW & WHY are just a few of the important fact-finding questions our surveyors must establish answers for when they visit your premises

Let our project managers build a plan to meet your business objectives, accomplish your visual communications goals and solve your challenge.

Irrespective of size or complexity, we look at the project environment to build a picture of those factors which influence each stage, identify any potential risks and ultimately, help us achieve successful completion.

Our surveys may be for the purpose of a thorough site inspection to capture technical information and assess access arrangements but also, you may wish us to undertake appraisals of locations for signage audit purposes or to aid the creation of wayfinding strategies

PROCESS – How we conduct our survey.

An initial consultation may be conducted by phone or e-mail but we encourage customers that we visit the site to familiarize and advise accordingly one to one the ideal solution on actual ground.
Below is a list of helpful information that can really help us focus in on the perfect sign for you:

  • A Photo of the Location
  • Photos of any Signs that You Admire
  • An e-Copy of Your Logo
  • A List of Any Colors You Would Like to See in your Sign
  • Your Budget (This helps us determine how much detail and what materials we can incorporate into design)


In Zeliant brands, design is key to everything, since without it there’s no product.

Our designers bring their visionary thinking, creative prowess and technical know-how to every project, turning ideas into reality. Sharing expertise with clients, our design team will meticulously develop signage solutions which make your brand shine, perform a function or perhaps, create an artistic vibrancy to a space.

During the design phase, we’ll scrutinize the environmental impact and lifecycle of each element to produce acceptable solutions. 

From color and material recommendations to value engineering and sign design, we can provide a turn-key program that will meet your needs.
We always provide you with drawings for your approval so you will know exactly what your sign will look like before production.
The project managers work with the designers to discuss options, budget, and the ‘wow factor’ that makes your project unique.
For clients who have corporate artwork specifications, our designers are careful to make sure every requirement is met.


Once a drawing(artwork) has been approved by the client, a 50% deposit is required to begin the work with the balance due upon completion. We accept, cash, cheques or Lipa na Mpesa through our Till number that will be shared with you.
We however are willing to negotiate terms suitable to both parties.
Please let us know if your company/organization is tax-exempt.


If your sign is outdoor and requires county advertising permit, we would be happy to advise you throughout the process with the help of our County council contact person (ONLY within Nairobi city county), or help obtain the license for you once you have made ready the necessary payments from your office for processing at the county offices, at zero consultation fee.


From the design process to manufacturing to installation, all work is done by our skilled employees.
Under the direction of the Production Manager, our team takes pride in producing the best signs
possible, with self-motivation workmanship that produces unparalleled quality with a focus on safety.
We can complete most sign projects within 2 weeks. If you have an important deadline, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. Depending again on the complexity of the job, will require 3 weeks to complete.


We can deliver your sign anywhere within the country and outside, charges rates vary depending on the weight and size of the package and distance it needs to travel.
We also welcome you to pick up your sign in person.


We offer expert professional installation for all types of signs. We can help you with lighting options and connection as well (working hand in hand with your office electrical engineer).
Signs go from assembly and quality assurance. From workshop to site.

There is no chance of damage to the sign during transport as our installers take every precaution to secure and protect it until they arrive at their destination.
For most of our clients, they see their signage for the first time when our qualified and uniformed installation engineers arrive on site.

Always eager to hear the wow complement.
Prior to commencement of on-site works, the engineers receive a full briefing from our Installation Manager supplemented with a documentation pack containing site contact details, drawings of the signage, fixings and locations plus site/task specific method statements and risk assessments.
Both throughout and upon completion of works, the engineers electronically submit installation reports and photographs which we review and retain on our IT system.
safety comes first – Our engineers receive continuous training in site awareness, first aid, health & safety etc


All signs supplied will be covered under warranty, but this is highly dependent on the Materials used for production.

For example, Alucobond has the external life. However, materials such as Flexiface and Vinyls from Signtech- Arlon have a 7-year life only.
Panaflex from 3M appears to have a yellow tinge compared to flexi face. Thus it would not be realistic to give a 10-year warrantee against these materials.
With Indoor signage, depending on materials used this warranty can be extended.
However, the warranty does not cover electrical components or any damages arising as a result of the erratic power supply, or as a result of intentional tampering, or against acts of Nature or Riots.


We know you want your brand and signage to always look fresh and new……. impressions count.

Zeliant Brands provides maintenance services, to help keep your signs looking as new as the day we installed them.

Having invested time, money and effort into the creation of your signs, their performance and purpose should be cared for.

We provide both a reactive and pre-planned maintenance service which will give you an assurance it will always be clean, damage-free and functioning every day of the year.
Our well-trained service technicians can provide various levels of services to control long-term maintenance costs and provide optimum sign operation.
We assist you in choosing a maintenance plan that is appropriate for your sign program.
Our levels of service include:

  • Preventative maintenance that includes electrical component inspections
  • Bulb, neon, transformer and LED replacement
  • Face replacements and alterations.
  • Electrical repairs
  • Painting

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